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Singer / Songwriter / visual artist

STORRY is a multifaceted wonderwoman who writes and produces her music, and is intrinsically involved in all aspects of her career from designing album covers to directing award-winning music videos. Her debut concept album 'CH III: The Come Up' was produced and released independently, and was nominated for a 2021 JUNO award for Adult Contemporary Album alongside Celine Dion and Alanis Morrissette.


Though rooted in R&B Soul, STORRY is at home in many genres from opera to reggae. Her single 'Another Man' was produced by reggae royalty Sly & Robbie, and also nominated for a 2020 JUNO award.


Her second release, 'INTERLUDE-19' is a conceptual EP of virtual collaborations in an array of emotions and genres, completed while in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Lebanese and Greek parents, STORRY is a sex-positive, queer, feminist, left-brained artist who is pushing culture forward. Her art is raw and honest to the max. If it doesn’t touch you, it’ll hit you in the face. 




Live Performances

Sofar Sounds
STORRY - A Lost Find | Sofar Toronto
STORRY - A Lost Find | Sofar Toronto

STORRY - A Lost Find | Sofar Toronto

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Make It Better (Anderson .Paak) by Storry

Make It Better (Anderson .Paak) by Storry

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STORRY - Fuck Me Good - Home performance

STORRY - Fuck Me Good - Home performance

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STORRY - Montreal Album Launch Concert (reel)

STORRY - Montreal Album Launch Concert (reel)

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Stats & Demographic

Followers: 7.8K


Post Impressions: 2000-4800

Post Interactions: 230-780
Likes: 160-650

Comments: 25-280

Story Impressions: 160-780

Women (38%), Men (62%)


Primary age groups: 25-34 (45%), 
35-44 (31%), 45-54 (10%), 18-24 (9%)

Primary Territories: Canada (47% - Toronto at 24%), USA (30%), UK (3%)

Followers: 1.4K

Post Reach: 950-2200

Post Engagement: 220-400

Women (47%), Men (50%)

Primary Age Groups: 25-34 (37%), 

35-44 (22%), 18-23 (13%)

Primary Territories: Canada (Toronto & Montreal primarily) & USA 

Followers: 1.2K

1 year:
Monthly Listeners: 1300-10,000

Women (52%), Men (44%) 

Primary Age: 28-34 (32%),  23-27 (25%), 25-44 (19%), 18-22 (11%)

Primary Territory: USA, Canada (Toronto & Montreal), UK (London) 

Recent Collaborations:

RBCxMusic, Remington, Sofar Sounds, Pride 


Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Vegan/Vegetarian Health Foods, Street Fashion and High Fashion, Make-up, Animation, Road Trips, Chocolate, Visual Art, Music Production & Gear, Instruments, Aroma Therapy/Essential Oils, Herbal Tea, Massage & Chiropractor and other alternative health options

1) FOR NO ONE - a song in celebration of Pride. This is one of ten music videos made in isolation for the record INTERLUDE-19.

2) Up - a song about overconsumption and an award-winning clay animation that STORRY directed, animated and edited herself.

3) Money Ain't Free - a song that outlines a little of STORRY's double life & history as an exotic dancer. (You can also read more about STORRY's 'story' in this Toronto Star Article titled 'From Opera Trainee, to sex worker, to Juno-nominated artist: STORRY's tale isn't ordinary')

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INTERLUDE-19                        RELEASED Sept 5 2020

INTERLUDE-19 was envisioned shortly after the pandemic shut the world down (which was on the very day I was set to fly to the JUNO awards). So I decided to create another project. I envisioned this time as being an interlude which by definition is a short span of time that separates two parts, and so all the songs on the record are short, between 45 seconds and 3 mins. It is also a visual album. All videos were made in isolation with just myself and the director. The titles of all the songs on the album make a sentence "DEATH, DON'T WAIT, FOR NO ONE, SO, LIVE, A STORRY, WORTH, TELLING"

CH III: The Come Up           RELEASED Feb 20, 2020

CH III: The Come Up is about a woman trying to leave the sex-industry which she was coerced into, and get into the music industry, only to realize that both are equally misogynistic and problematic. That woman is me. The record was released not even 30 days before the pandemic hit and so is relatively still new to the majority of the world. This album that I wrote, produced, funded, and promoted completely on my own is now nominated for a 2021 Juno award.  

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