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FUCK FAME! I Want a fam.

Get the exclusive acoustic album that's ONLY for familY. FOR FREE.

Part of a tribe

Art brings people together. Joining the family means sharing your ideas with me as well. I wanna share secrets with each other and learn more about you! ;-) Being a part of a like-minded community. 

More than just music

All art has a STORRY behind it. Get the real experience and BTS on the songs, videos and my right-brained, left-winged mind. 


See and hear stuff that I only share with the family... stuff the rest of the world will never see. Plus, early access and family discounts to concert tickets, merch and more. 

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I believe STORRYs can change the world.


The ones that repeat in our heads, to ourselves, by ourselves... 

The ones we make up to impress or manipulate...

And the ones we share with the sincerest authenticity. 


This 11-song acoustic record is my sincerest truth. Raw. Unaltered. One-take wonders.

This album is my  fuck You to the system.

Against my family's wishes

Against the world's pressures

Against the taboo of the sex-industry

Against the music industry's 'advice'

Shit... even against my own fear of judgement

In hopes that the truth will prevail and that I can find purpose in the trauma.

We're all hustlers here. Trying to make our way in a world that isn't fair...

Trying to make it better.

Trying to help others while we're also trying to help ourselves. 

I didn't want to make this version of the album available to everyone though... 


I wanted to give this record to people who take in art differently.

Who want to go on a journey. 

Who appreciate it and what it does for the culture.

And since you made it here, I think that might be you. 

So, let me know where to send the music and... 


 welcome to the family

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