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I've been singing into a microphone since I could sing my ABCs. And though that dream of being a renowned singer has never wavered...

Life has taken me on a whirlwind of a journey...

I taught myself to sing, learning from the Divas of the 90's, and after dabbling in all genres of music, I found myself studying opera at the University of Toronto. 


Life looked promising. I then went on to meet someone who would coerce me into the sex-industry and abuse me for several years, under the guise of being a music producer. 


Those years were hard and my dreams seemed so far away. Survival was the mode I was existing in.

Depressed and unable to find solace in my music, I taught myself to paint and to play the guitar so that I could busk on the streets of Toronto. 


Years went by before I finally found the strength to leave. And leaving meant losing all my earnings, all my music, every harddrive and piece of studio equipment, and a secret life I had not exposed to anyone in my life. 

I ended up travelling to India after finding yoga and meditation and decided to back-pack across the country for 3 months to become a certified yoga instructor. Maybe that was my path? 

India led me back to music. I knew I had to share my story, share my pain, share my strength, share my experience, to help others in my position. 

So I came back, looking for producers and a team to work with me. Only to find the music industry to be just as misogynistic and exploitative as the sex-industry. I couldn't seem to get anywhere without some man trying to sleep with me. 

So, I decided to make my own album. Produce it myself. Do it ALL! Write, record, produce, promote, direct videos, make a clay animation, fund the project, and release it to the world. 

I got nominated for a 2020 JUNO for my reggae tune, Another Man. Then I dropped my debut album called CH III: The Come Up. I organized my own shows, pressed my own merchandise, and planned and played my first tour. And I was JUST about to fly to the JUNO awards to walk the red carpet and perform in the JUNOfest, when the world shut down. 

I let myself be sad for 2 weeks. And then I decided to create another album about the pandemic called INTERLUDE-19, with virtual collaborations with some of my favourite people in the industry. 

It's been a hard road. But this isn't meant to be a sad storry. This is a storry of resilience. Of persistence. 


I haven't quite 'made it' yet. But I know I've already left a legacy to be proud of and that I know has changed peoples' lives. That my storry will hopefully give strength to everyone who hears it. 

I've somehow managed to be a one-woman show. And though it isn't glamorous or easy, it's been extremely rewarding because I get to meet and know all of you who end up on my page. Personally. And that in itself has been so beautiful. 

Thank YOU for being here. For supporting me. For being my family that's beyond blood. 

I wanna know, what's YOUR STORRY? 

Hit me up!



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