STORRY writes and produces her music, and is intrinsically involved in all aspects of her career from designing album covers to producing music videos. Her art is authentic to the max, and her raw talent is mind boggling. If it doesn't touch you, it will hit you in the face. Since her first release on May 31 2019, STORRY launched 4 more original singles to date and to critical acclaim. She has already been nominated for a 2020 Juno Award. She can also be heard on Protoje's Grammy nominated "A Matter of Time" and Junia-T's "Studio Monk." STORRY has been featured on Exclaim!, Music Crowns, Complex, and CBC, and will release her debut full-length concept album on February 20 2020. A promising start; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On her first single, Leave My Heart BehindMusic Crowns claimed "a new chapter in music," that her vocals "must be heard to be believed," and that "STORRY, with her on-point delivery and shattering vocals, will be the next big name in music." A&R Factory said that "STORRY has the style, talent and soul to ensure that her sound stands out with absolute distinction." Montreal Rampage said that "she can belt it out like nobody’s business, hitting the high notes with crystalline precision and driving it all home with intense passion and heart-wrenching honesty." 

STORRY has recently dabbled in film, and her proudest accomplishment so far is her claymation short, "Up," which has been selected to screen at nine international film festivals (and counting). It was nominated for Best Animation and Best Narrative at the Austin Music Video Festival, and won the award for Best Editing at the Montreal International Wreath Film Festival. The film, which was shot over four months out of her mom's basement, will be released to the public in March 2020.  

STORRY has performed across North America and her live show is a jaw-dropping journey that cannot be captured on tape. One is hard-pressed to find a point of comparison with STORRY, but why should we? Her art reaches us in an original and faithful form, and this is a very good thing. She has even more in store.  


[February 1 2020]



STORRY was born in Toronto to working-class immigrant parents. Though art didn’t run in the family, she grew up singing into a microphone from the age of 2, and all around her proclaimed she would be the next superstar. She cites Whitney, Celine, and Mariah as her earliest influences. At 8 she asked her parents for medical books for Christmas. She wanted to become a singer and a doctor, and got very mad when they asked her to choose one profession. 


At 14, her family moved to Montreal so that she could attend F.A.C.E. High School. Later she majored in classical voice at Vanier College, and graduated at the top of her class. She returned to Toronto to study opera at the University of Toronto, but soon her life took a 180. For years, her voice was silenced: she wrote and recorded hundreds of songs that never saw the light of day. By miracle, she saw a minute clearing in the horizon and escaped.


Exhausted and alone, STORRY packed a bag and couchsurfed for months across several countries in search of her purpose. Though she tried hard to escape it – delving in yoga among other things - everything in her life told her to get back into music. That she had a story to share, a fire to ignite in others. And so she listened and started from scratch, writing new words and music. 


A wicked workaholic, back in North America she introduced herself to hundreds of artists, managers, producers, and executives in the music industry. In the final stages of negotiating a huge but highly restrictive contract, pragmatism hit her like a ton of bricks: a small platform was fine, and her music should once and for all remain hers. 


Of course this meant that she had to do everything solo. She wrote, funded, and produced her debut record, shot and edited her music videos, and oversaw every other aspect of the release of her music. It’s been a tough journey, but a mere pebble in the road for a woman that has been through hell and back. 


Her art therefore reaches us in a uniquely faithful form, and this is a very good thing. STORRY has been a secret for long, and we are grateful that all is now coming out. 

All coming up.


Yotam Baum

[May 31 2019]